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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I AM the Continual Creating of One Self

March is know for the phrase in like a lion, out like a lamb. Boy, I now know I can roar like a lion. I realize that I can roar like I lion the best when I am at war with myself. Did I ever take over and stick it in manual overdrive.

Sure you have heard me talk about it a lot lately. What is important is that you hear how sneaky it came over me. I am so regretful, of my behavior. The question here is who did I go to war against? The people that I was in collusion with or myself? Is it possible to go to war against anyone other than ourselves? I am here to propose the answer, NO. The only person we can go to war against is ourselves. The self that is the reflection of the Lord, in that we are also the I AM that is continually creating ones self.

In the Bible, God calls Himself, I AM, when Moses ask him who sent me. Hebrew language translates I AM to continually creating ones self. If God is everywhere, even within ourselves than as the I AM is within my soul, then when I am at war, it can only be at war with the I AM within myself.

This resonates with my soul deeply. This is where I stand up and take responsibility for my heart at war, and it is caused when I take over and stick it in manual over drive.

This blog post is to publicly declare that no matter who you are, we need to dedicate our lives to live the life that the Lord has orchestrated for us! Turning our will over to the Lord doesn't take away our agency, it affords us freedoms from guilt, self-lothing, and from fear.

I want to develop a group of people that wants to be free of guilt, self-lothing, and from fear. I want to invite you to join me, in developing a special group of people. Please email me, and let's talk. I look forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile, May Angels Walk With You.

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