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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Perfect Brightness of Hope

Times are changing fast. It is amazing how I am offered the opportunity to be patient. It is embarrassing to say, but I remember when I used to joke every time the Lord offered me the chance to learn more patience and to learn to trust in the Lord's time line, I would openly jest that there just wasn't a way I could learn and that the Lord should just give up.

I am so thankful that the Lord was loving and forgiving and kept offering me the opportunity to accept Him, and to turn my heart over to Him. This weekend, I was able to spend some evaluable time with my mom. She told some stories, that I wish I could share to demonstrate my points. Anyway, she told some stories that opened my eyes to a reality of our family history that invite me to view things differently. The stories touched my heart, and I was filled with compassion and empathy for people in my past.

Here in the Lord's time, He has opened a door of opportunities. Opportunities to let go, to forgive, to find peace and eternal joy in my family and our history. Circumstances, define our past, but don't have to dictate our present nor our future. Understanding where I came from, has helped me define who I am, and why. This has given me the opportunity to peacefully lay down some of my shortcomings, without grudging feelings toward my past.

We can only do, what we know. As I've matured I have found the heart to search for something bigger than myself. With that search I've found that love has always been in my life, but sometimes is covered up by false perceptions and of course FEAR. I've done the best I can with these false perceptions and FEAR because it's all I've known. Now, things are different, things are opening up to a beautiful world of possibilities, of love, of a life of truth within myself.

Thank you, Mom for sharing. I really appreciate your courage in the hardships you face. Your example gives me courage and strengthens me so that I can work through my issues. I'm looking forward to a brighter tomorrow, as we can enjoy a “perfect brightness of hope.” (2 Ne 31:20) I love you Mom.

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