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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Beauty of Light

I have been blessed to have a love for photography, since I was really young. When I was younger came the greatest craze ever, Scrapbooking! I know that there are many views and opinions regarding scrapbooking, and that's just alright. I have gone through times when I've had friends that would get together and we would scrap all night long, eat snacks (lots of snacks) and probably do more chatting than scrapping. Right now, that isn't the case. I still love photography and scrapbooking, but the all nighters with friends are gone by the way side. Sometimes I miss the socialization, and the creative ideas from great people.

I am so deeply grateful that I have been able to take a couple of photography classes this fall/winter. I also have gotten to take a fabulous photography computer class. These classes have given me so many wonderful growing opportunities. I have learned that I really love looking at things. I love noticing the details. I love beautiful things, and it's easy to find beauty in all things. This has been an opportunity to fall in love with the simple, delicate, and profound details that the Lord gave me to invite me to find joy in this life.

The prophets have commanded us to record our family history. Through the blessings of scrapbooking I can record our history and provide a way for my family to enjoy it for many generations. This past year I have started to scrapbook digitally. WOW, what a complex world digital scrapbooking is. It is challenging to create something that is digital to look “real.” It is also a total blast to create something that you couldn't have if you scrapbooked it the traditional way, (on paper.) I love that it is financially cheeper, and easy to share with family and friends.

I know that my love for photography and scapbooking offers me the opportunity to recognize gifts from God, especially my family. A concept that is taught in photography, is that everything is light. We don't take pictures of things, we make pictures of light. With that being said, I am drawn to the first scripture my Dad helped me memorize: Doctrine and Covenants 93:36 The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth.

How does this scripture relate to my views on photography? As I look through the viewfinder of my camera at the light, that our most loving God in His glory and intelligence gave to me I have found many truths. The truths that I have found help me grow and to assist my heart to be softened and turn toward Him.

I challenge you today as you journey through your day, to bask in the light that God has showered on you and your loved ones. What truths can you find, that strengthen you and sustain you?

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