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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

I don't have any April fool jokes to play on anyone today, let's hope the joke isn't on me. I'm just super thankful that the sun is shining, and spring is springing around here. I'm always more upbeat when the sun shines and shares it warmth with me.

As I sit here and consider my character weaknesses, and how they affect my life for both the good and the bad. I am humbled to know that these weaknesses are real, and not only affect me, but everyone around me.

Hugh Nibley once said something like, “Weaknesses are like dogs. If you walk towards one it will turn and run away, and if you run from one it will chase you.” I would further says from recent personal experience that I've been running from my weaknesses, not only do they chase you, but they will bite you too! Thank you Bro. Thomas for sharing this quote.
Today, maybe that will be my April fools joke. I am going to turn and not only face my weaknesses, but walk fearlessly toward them. To begin with, as I approach today I'm going to find ways to search those around me. Even if it's a simple, smile and pleasant greeting. I'm going to stay within my bounds and help only where it is appropriate. (I already have one of those accomplished before 5:30 in the morning). I'm going to eat well, and enjoy it!

This morning, I heard someone asking someone else for help with their baby. I jumped up, and slipped on my robe and stopped. They don't need my help! They didn't ask for my help! I know that the person they asked are completely capable of helping! I hung my robe up, and just stood there. That was awesome! I couldn't help myself, but I followed up with the helping person to make sure they felt okay about helping. It all is working it self out. It's about personal responsibility, mine and theirs.

I will let you know how it goes. Maybe this list sounds simple, but so far my big flamboyant plans never work out. Let's see how simple adds up. Wink Wink! 

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