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Monday, March 7, 2011

Being More Fearless

What a crazy long weekend this has been! Life, rushed in and took over. Harley had a clinic Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was all about loading horses, and hauling up the canyon to the freezing cold. I'm not sure I will ever get warm. In fact, I highly doubt it. When I went out to do chores this morning, I felt so bitter cold. It wasn't really that cold, I just haven't gotten warm all the way through yet.

Long, cold, endless days at the indoor arena supporting Harley was such a wonderful teaching experience for me. I learned that Jim is simply more than amazing. I know that I talk Jim up all the time. This time he showed even himself up. He was so kind, lovingly, and selfless that I learned I need to really need to be more like him.

Jim asked which day would be best for us for him to take off work to help us. Even though I assured him that I could take care of things he insisted to help. Jim was right there helping and comforting no matter what. We had a slight issue with the horse trailer that couldn't be immediately fixed. Jim went to work on Sunday and came home to help us load up and got us settled at the arena and then went back to work.

Inspite of the never ending cold it was a wonderful weekend, because of Jim. I was able to listen to the clinic instructor, and learn what I could from her so that I can be a better support to Harley.

As I got colder and colder, Jim stepped up and helped more with the horses and getting Harley ready. My emotions started to get the best of me, and Jim was so clam and loving. On Sunday, when Jim was at work I tried to do the things that he had. It sure was hard to keep everything together. This is where I really started to appreciate Jim more and more.

How does this tie into my recovery, or maybe yours? It is an example of Christ-like love. It is am example of how even though I have these addictions Christ loves me enough to provide me with such an amazing husband to see me through. As I consider step 2-Hope. I am filled with Hope that forgiveness is real, and miracles happen. I know that Jim is a miracle to me.

Watching the girls in the clinic, over come struggles, and fears was amazing. At the end of the day they we were so tired. As they drug themselves and their horses out of the arena the look of satisfaction on their faces was so motivating to me. I learned so much about being fearless, I am inspired by these girls to be a better person a more fearless person. 

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  1. Jim is very good to you... and I hope you get warm soon. :-)
    Love you.