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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This morning as I read 1 Samuel 25, I want to really consider Abigal's gift to David.
1 Samuel 25:24 Abigail...fell at his feet, and said Upon me, my lord, upon me let this iniquity be;...

What is Abigail asking? How is she a type of Christ in this moment? Mainly, my question is what is the difference between my “Savior complex” and being a type of Christ? That question aside, what I'm beginning to understand is Christ paid for the sins of Nabal and the sins of David. Christ is asking us to forgive Him. Upon me Christ let this iniquity be. The people on my list, that I need to forgive, including myself really don't need to be forgiven. Christ falls at my feet, and says unto me...Upon me, Christ, let this iniquity be. To withhold forgiveness from anyone is withholding forgiveness from Christ. It is in a way, saying that the price He paid wasn't good enough, and that I demand more.

Instead of looking for ways, to feel I deserve something from others, to right their wrongs with me. I need to be willing to accept that Christ has paid that price to me on their behalf, and accept that His price, His ransom, out weighs anything they could possibility do to right the wrong.

As for asking for forgiveness from others, the story of Abigail, and David shows that it really wasn't Nabal that needed to be forgiven. It was David that needed to forgive. That was the gift that Abigail offered David. A man with a stoney and war filled heart. If he would forgive, then there would be room for Christ in his heart. It doesn't matter if anyone forgives me for any wrongs I've done against them. It is if I am humble enough to ask forgiveness, and give them the opportunity to accept Abigail's gift to them. The rest is between them and Christ, and me and Christ each individually and collectively.

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