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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Appropriate Help

Yesterday's post ended with the idea of me wanting to help. How do I know what is appropriate when it comes to helping? I have come to realize my life didn't get hijacked, I sabotaged myself, by inappropriately helping to an extreme.

Alright, so the question is what is appropriate help? A huge weakness of mine is little kids. In this particular situation I find myself in has two little children involved. I want to reach out and “save” them. Don't little children need saving?

A while ago, I heard a story from a father whose two sons sometimes are put in dangerous situations. As I asked him, how he deals with that this father lovingly told me the following:

As these children sat with our Father in Heaven, before they were born. He explains how He would like them to come to earth to this family. He tells these children how living in this family, with the trials and hardships they will face, will help them grow and also help their parents grow and become more refined. These children's hearts were full of love for their parents as they gladly accepted this call from our Heavenly Father.

This story serves the same purpose for the children that I've been trying to “save.” These don't need my saving. They are living their calling, and I need to live mine. Maybe the best way to help my family is to live my program in manner to invite them to join me.

I need to be polarized in the concept that I need to work my program everyday in the way, I know works to keep my close to the Lord and further away from taking control. 

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