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Monday, February 28, 2011

Heart of Charity

The way I see it, is we can offer charity towards other people. Doing charitable acts, can bring a sense of love or peace into our lives. It can also bring loathing, and resentment. As I think about people in my life, that reflect charity. I can see how everyone has their own unique way of being charity. Some people give of their time or their talents. Some people just know how to offer a loving listening ear. While others, have such profound life experience that they know how to offer life changing advise, in an inviting way.

One thing about charity that I'm at the most awe is a child. So often children are mistreated, and often loved as if they are less. Children, have a way of reflecting charity, in a way that most reflects Christ's love. They love those who mistreat them. What a beautiful love a child has towards everyone. How simple it is for a child to laugh, and to spread the joy in their heart to everyone willing to receive it. Children are natural peace givers. When war rages within their homes, they are the first ones to offer hugs and kisses to those at war.

As I grew up from childhood, into the life of co-dependency where did I lose this special gift that children posses, the gift of charity, that reflects Christ's love? As an adult, I look at the children in my home and I know they are the greatest reflection of Charity and Christ like love. I have so much to learn from them. Each time one of them wraps their arms around me, and says, I love you. The purity of their love is obvious and gives them the power to melt my heart.

In my opinion it couldn't be possible for any co-dependency tenancies to exist in the heart of a child. I believe there is a connection between a special child heart and the heart I have. I want to develop the heart of a child again. A heart that trust, forgives, and loves those that mistreat them. I want to love again. 

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