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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Coincidence defined in the dictionary is: apparently by mere chance. Due to recent advents I can no longer believe that anything happens because of mere chance. If nothing happens by coincidence, then how and why do seemingly strange things happen?

Lately, I have been sucked into old patterns of being. Although, I didn't recognize a lesson that can be learned in being sucked back in, and oh how I've hated ever moment of it, there is something really wonderful that is coming out of this experience.

A couple lessons I'm learning are, I don't want to give up and go back there, also how far from there I've really come. Mostly, I've learned there isn't safety there anymore, if there was I wouldn't have hated being there so much.

In the mist of the darkness that being sucked into old patterns I've had some great beacons of light and hope shone for me so that I could keep going. These beacons of light and hope have come in the form that others might call coincidences. For me the Lord has shone a light that helps me know the difference between my old patterns of life, and the new ones He is offering me.

With this light, I've been able to navigate one step at a time, through the darkness toward the light. Without faith, I might have been able to accept coincidences as real. Through, my faith in my Lord I know He knows me, and is teaching me to grow and be in continual creation of myself.

The beacon of light and hope that He offers me, shines to those others that are around me. I have noticed that each time I recognize a beacon of light shining there is someone there acting as an angel in my life. I am thankful that the Lord through His atonement finds me worthy to have these wonderful and merciful people to be in service to me, and for their love for Christ, and for me to act as angels in my life.

As you travel through this day, please notice the beacons of light and hope that Christ offers you, even if you believe in coincidence.

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