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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bridge Between the Old and the New

I want to tell you a story that has been life changing to me, yet is so simple. Jim and I went on a weekend trip. As we drove we talked about life, like we usually do. I seem to be always in the mindset of analysis everything. Honestly, it gets really tiring. I'm beginning to wish I'd just accept things and be willing to just sit back and see how things go.

Anyway, it was dark as we pulled into the little resort town. Jim and I checked into the hotel, found some dinner, and took a walk around the around. Yep, that sentence was meant to be that plain.

Morning came, as we set on this beautiful deck over looking the powerful rock formations I couldn't help but sit back and feel the warmth of the sun on my face that radiated God's love for this earth and for me.

After breakfast Jim and I decided to take a drive. As we reached the edge of town, I looked out and saw a bridge to spanned a immense river. Panic stuck every cell in the body. With fear in my voice, I asked Jim, “We didn't cross that bridge last night as we came in to town?” I prayed that we hadn't, but Jim's reply was simple, “I guess so.”

I felt trapped, we are sitting in the bottom of this valley, and apparently that bridge was the only way out. I begged Jim to pull the car over, I needed to process this. How are we going to get out of the valley? We are trapped here, and our life is out there.

Jim knew I that my fear of bridges ran clear to my core, still he acted totally nonchalant about the whole thing, which made me really mad. How could he have such little compassion for me? Couldn't he see how tragic this situation is? No, he just sat there looking at the bridge.

Then through all these emotions the words came saying, “We came over that bridge last night, and it wasn't this scarey.” If that bridge wasn't scarey last night, why is it scarey now? It's a lie! I realized in that moment that I wasn't deathly afraid of bridges. Maybe it has something to do with the idea that as I cross a bridge, it couldn't fall and I would have no control over what happened. Is it when I cross a bridge the only time I'm not in control?

Logically I reasoned that if I crossed the bridge and wasn't afraid than it was irrational and that this fear of bridges was a lie. If I was really afraid of bridges my soul would have known I was on a bridge, whether it was light or dark, and become afraid. I can cross this bridge, and leave this fear behind me.

I explained to Jim my thoughts, and he reassured me. As we drove across the bridge, I focused on the fact, the absents of fear! Ever since this advent two years ago, I have tested this on every bridge I've come across. I've driven over several bridges, walked on bridges, stood on bridges.

I often think back to how my life has been bridged from the old life full of lies, fears, and paralyzingly immobility; to my new life overflowing with trust, love, and forward motion. Thanks be to God, that has taught me in this living parable that He is always with me, to teach me in His tender mercies.

What fears have you overcome and how did it happen?

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  1. Tisha thanks for the blog as you know i have dealt with a lot lately and this puts things into prospective for me and helps me understand that i have to cross this bridge with people in order to know that i did my best and can dance in the rain again thanks again