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Monday, April 4, 2011

In Service to Others

Good-Morning, today I want to talk about the importance of letting go. How do you let go? Is it important to realize the truth of our past, in order to let go? Truthfully, I don't know the answers to either of these questions.

Recently, I have created a mess of things in my life as you well know. Nonetheless, you also know how I am trying to clean up this mess. Friday morning, in an attempt to turn my life back over to the Lord I intentionally prayed for the opportunity to be in the service to others today.

I feared that my recent learning more about turning my life over to Christ, and trying to follow Him, but then taking back over time and time again; that this prayer would ring hollow in the ears of the Lord. Nope, my prayer was heard loud and clear, then answered just as clearly.

I arrived at the first place I was going Friday morning. I was certainly preoccupied with myself, my problems, and searching for answers for my life. I was slowly walking without a thought or care for anyone around me. I'm almost certain that a stamped of cattle could have come barreling through the middle of the silent room and I wouldn't have even recognized it.

A tap came to my shoulder and a gentlemen asked for my assistance. He had to ask twice, since my mind took a moment to come into focus with him. I agreed to help him. My help wasn't needed until later, so I had plenty of time to think of all my fears. This wasn't something I was used to doing, little lone to help someone else. As the time approached for me to follow through with my commitment, I started to think of reasons why I shouldn't be required to help. Needless, to say I wasn't ever going to see this man again. My mind was prompted with the memory of my prayer. Here is an opportunity to be in the service of someone else. How can I pray for something, than deny Him when He answers? After that it didn't take much courage, I just followed through. When we were finished, almost simultaneously we each said “thank you” to the other.

At my second appointment while I was waiting my turn an other gentlemen sat next to me and mentioned that he'd just seen me at the previously place. We passed small talk, and he was called to his appointment.
As I consider how I could have been in service to either of these people I recognize that although, I may have assisted them in one way or another; that I may never know. They both were and still are in service to me. First, they were stepping stones through my fears. Second, they offered my an opportunity to step out of the isolation of my mind and my life. When I was engaged in conversation or assistance to these people, I couldn't focus on my preoccupation with myself, or my problems. 

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