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Friday, April 22, 2011

His Divine Plan

As I look around me lately I recognize that we all see things totally different. The Lord sets up experiences that are uniquely meant for each of us. It was a couple of weeks ago. while I was really struggling. I was at the gas station. I heard a voice calling my name. After the second time he called out to me, I turned around. It was Don the facilitator from ARP. He wanted to check on me, and say hi. I really needed him, in that moment. I felt alone in recovery and I felt like this program, the gospel is all true. It just didn't feel like I could be in this (my) recovery alone. I walked over to Don. He was in his truck.

It wasn't long after I started to talk to him, I glanced over and saw a case of beer on the seat of his truck. Before I had a chance to decide what to say or do about this. Or to even consider that he is the facilitator of ARP and that case of beer was strange. He justified it, by explaining it was for a ranch hand on his son's ranch.

It wasn't the case of beer I cared about. I was filled with love and hope. Here Don is in a strange and awkward situation, and he stopped to talk to me. He cared about me enough to stop. He could have honked, waved and kept driving avoided this awkward situation all together, but he didn't. He stopped, and cared. What a miracle this is to me.

I wasn't able to go to ARP the following Thursday to thank him for his kindness. He went. When I wasn't there, he told everyone his side of the story. I hope I can tell it appropriately. Don says he felt reluctant to agree to buy the beer in the first place. He felt embarrassed to walk into the store and buy it. When he stopped me, of course he felt he needed to justify himself, since I don't know him very well. When I wasn't to the ARP meeting on Thursday he wondered if I wasn't there because of his actions. If he talks about being sober and then buys beer. He questions how that is a reflection of him, and what I must have thought. How can he mentor people? He since has made a commitment to himself and to others that he will practice what he preaches. Being sober, doesn't involve buying beer for others.

Here God worked miracle for both Don and me. The same situations, with two totally beautiful lessons of love and hope. I'm so thankful to Don that he had the courage to follow his sense and stop. His commitment to really turning his life over to the care of the Lord, and to follow through with something in this case that wasn't comfortable is a testimony of recovery to me. I'm not surprised I didn't see him in the store, or parking lot. I needed him to stop and change my life. Don you will always be remembered as one of my special angels in my life. I will always love you for the gift you have given me.

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