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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Simple Beauty of Life

The little simple things in life, can bring so much happiness when we are willing to see them. Looking back I was so obsessed in being miserable that I wasn't willing to recognize anything that might point towards happiness. I always strived to create a “perfect” life, for my family. For example, we would have a family get together, and I would kick into perfectionist mode. I would go all out to create to best menu, decorations. Tables, chairs matching dishes, and of course there would be a theme. When the family would get there, everything was done so there was nothing for anyone to help with. I on the other hand was still running around with this list of a 1000 things that I still needed to adjust.

I never enjoyed these gatherings. I can see now, that I wasn't providing an opportunity for my guest to enjoy themselves either. This past year, I have recognized that it isn't the food, dishes, or theme that our family gathers together for. They come to enjoy each others company, and they would like me to sit with them and just chat....Wow, what a concept....

A couple weeks ago, we had just such a family gathering. When people called and asked what they could bring, I let them suggest what they would like to bring. I made simple chili, and store bought rolls. We ate on paper plates, which just might turn into my “good china.” I actually ate with everyone, and spent the rest of the time chatting with everyone. I had such a great time, and captured so many smiling faces by taking over 100 pictures. I even let other people take my camera and get some shots of me, laughing and talking.

There are so many other ways, we can recognize or add some simple elegance to our lives. I'm going to take the time, to enjoy a pickle wedge next to my sandwich. Have you ever recognized how beautiful the crunch sound is when you cut lettuce? In the fall, I was sitting next to the resavor just above our house, and enjoyed the fish jump and the rings ripple out as the sun set in the background.

As I sit here and recall how wonderful these simple things are in life, I recognize that I was blinded to the simple beauty of life when I was deep in my addictions. I know that being able to have these simple moments of beauty beings the joy that comes from turning to Christ. They are gifts from heaven, gifts to enjoy on our journey here on this earth. When I pause to offer gratitude for these simple gifts in my life, I have an overwhelming sense of abundance.   

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! We all need to remember to recognize those things around us that bring us joy... it is a choice for me.