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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Need A Plan!!!!

Life is really bearing down on me right now. Time constraints, physical constraints, mental constraints, it is all adding up to be almost unbearable...I haven't had anything available to work what I would explain as forward motion on “my program” It is taking everything I have to stay focused on the steps I have taken and the material I have.

I found myself in a deep box this evening. Saying that I deserve, better! This shouldn't be the cards I was dealt... Something else I have found myself doing, is something I haven't done in a long time, “ifin' and wishin'” If only the snow would melt and spring were here. I wish other people would act,---(of course, act like I think is best).

I find that I can stay out of the box toward some of the people in my situation, but not others. I think I use my boxes towards others as my justification in staying out of the box towards others. Kinda a strange observation.

I'm thankful that I found myself here, because of how miserable it felt, and because I recognized it almost immediately.

It is obvious I have a choice to make. I can accept the situation that I currently find myself in and come to peace with it, OR, not. In order to come to my acceptance of this situation I must make some changes. As I talked to Jim this evening, I don't see any changes that I can make. I don't see any changes at this time, physical, and mental constraints that I find myself under. I get up in the morning at 5:00. I wonder if I could make a personal sacrifice and get up at 4:30 to work on “my program”?

I wonder if I could “take five” away from my day? I'm not sure how to orchestrate this. I need a plan. How can I develop a plan that will invite me to stay out of the box, to inspire others, and a plan that helps me be able to sustain “my program” while life is bearing down on me like it is at this time?

What I haven't talked about is step 1. Admit that I am powerless to overcome my weaknesses in this situation, and this is unmanageable on my own. Step 2, I believe God can restore my in my weaknesses to spiritual health. Step 3 Commitment to turning this over to God. In that it doesn't mean He will take it away, but believe He will sustain me and make my weak things strong. Step 4 Make a searching inventory of this situation. I think this blog, plus other writings I have done a searching inventory. Step 5 Admit your wrongs to yourself, and in this case to Jim. My talk with Jim, helped me realize some of the depth of my wrongs and my weaknesses in how I'm viewing and dealing with this situation. Step 6 Become entirely willing and ready to have God remove your shortcomings. Step 7 Humbly, ask God to remove your shortcomings....

WOW! What a great plan “I” developed. So this example might serve to show that the ARP program works on a broad spectrum to spiritually heal from the sins and addictions of my life, but also as a specifically detailed program to deal with the day to day pressures of life....

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  1. I like this post a lot. I like how you broke down the steps into what they really are: 1-Recognize. 2-Believe. 3-Decide (make a decision to do it).4-Make Inventory. 5-Share. 6-Prepare (Become Ready). 7-Ask.