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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your Color

Color - our world is so full of color everywhere we look. There are so many shades of one color that you may get lost in your search for one particular color or another. It’s amazing to me to look out at a beautiful fall day and see all the colors of the leaves and how they change even throughout the season of fall. As I sat at my table looking at a very bright green Tupperware® cup with a matching lid and straw, I was overcome with my appreciation of color.

The world didn't have to be in color. God could have given us a world with just shades of gray and black. We would never have known the difference, but He chose the vibrant and soft colors to display His creation.

Our God designed it this way, and He chose to give us color as a gift. He chose the spectrum and made it something for us to enjoy. We could have been born color blind as I know some people are. But apart from the medical condition, color blindness has two meanings to me.

The first meaning of color blindness is that we don't see the difference in skin or nationality in the people of this earth. We just view them all as God's creation and a beautiful array of culture and diversity. This is the only kind of color blindness that I choose to have - to accept others as God made them.

Secondly, the worse kind of color blindness is when we miss the beauty of the people around us. I have two daughters who are like night and day. The oldest, I would say, is soft pink, and the younger is bright red. The soft pink is sweet and gentle and often needs loving affirmation in her creativity. She is a tender rosebud with much beauty to unfold, but I sometimes miss this because of the bright, flaming red of my younger daughter. Granted, she can be tender, too, but she is more fire and ice than the tender rosebud. The younger one is straightforward and loud whereas her older sister is more meek and quiet.

I have realized that I could let myself be color blind and miss the array of colors that people everywhere have to offer. Some may be gold or rust-colored because of the richness of their lives and the things they have been through in life. Others may be hot pink or orange because they possess a fire and zest for life that keeps others inspired around them. Then there are those blues and greens that are calm, cool, and collected throughout life, no matter the circumstances.

Yes, there are blends of color, too, and some may be a mixture of more than one shade of color, but their most noticeable color stands out among the others. I am still learning how to let my color shine because I often get intimidated by all those bright and shining colors out there. I have my bright shades, but I am a softer color like my oldest daughter, and we have to work a little harder to get our color out there.

Each one has their own unique color to offer the world. We have a spectrum of color, even in people. You are the only one who can display your shade of color, so go out and spread your color on the canvas of the world, and let the ones around you know how much they mean to you by letting them spread their color next to yours.

Learning how to spread my color,
May Angels Walk With You--

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