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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Change is so hard for me. I believe that every penny saved is a penny earned, so I have started to “clip coupons.” The week I've saved about $90.00 in coupons and ads. Now it isn't extreme couponing, but $90.00 is big money to me and my family.

I committed to a simpler life, and when I did I had no idea what lessons are learned in change and simplicity. I am learning that living simple, is hard work. It takes dedication, and self-motivation to do the leg work that others aren't willing to do, (as of not to long ago neither was I).

I'm learning that it isn't possible to “do it all,” nor is it desirable. I love seeing the beauty in other people's creativity. I have learned a lot from watching other people create and do the things I used to think I needed to do myself. I have learned how narrow minded I am in the way I see things and do things. That narrow mindedness, is rather funny. I have known for a while that I've missed out on a lot in my life, but until recently I just haven't realized just how much.

I sure am blessed to be given this second change at making a new life. I love that I can sit back and simply watch the flowers grow, as I clip the coupons of my new and simple life. 

Thank you to everyone for everything you do to help and teach me....I simply love you.

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