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Friday, November 25, 2011

Dare to Dream a Bigger Dream

Daydreams can be deceptive.

When we are in a place of imagination, we see ourselves receiving the best gifts, having the finest things, achieving the highest goals within our capabilities. However, these dreams have edges. When we are imagining where we might be or what we might become, we typically see ourselves achieving only that which our inner eye accepts as possible. The scope of acceptability is built upon the foundation of our experiences. Life has carefully schooled us in what we might become - or so we think.

It is only when we become willing to step beyond the edges of our dreams that we find that God has something more for us. His dream for us has no bounds or limits and, in fact, He is anxious to bring us to a place where we will find that we were given special gifts that He would have us to use.

When we step beyond the edges of our own daydreams, we often find that we were not in the correct dream at all. We may discover that we had been dreaming the dream that someone else had placed in us. We may discover that we chose the wrong dream based on an incorrect understanding of our abilities. We may even discover that we had somehow allowed ourselves to dream a dream that didn't require us to face truths about ourselves.

When I was a tiny girl, I had dreams. But my dreams were small. I couldn't know that I would move out of my small town, work with computers, and interact with people who live around the world. The ability to do these things did not exist when I was a child. It was, therefore, impossible for me to dream the dream I am living.

But God knew what was coming, and He carefully prepared me throughout my life to take up the challenge. He filled me with a strange love of business (and this is a fearful thing for a girl who was raised in the 70s). He took me from one profession to another, where I gained the experience required to manage the challenges I now have. He even provided me with a husband who supports me in every way he can, so that I can do my work, which is unique for someone raised during my generation.

I found myself living as I am when I told God that I was tired of trying to figure out my life myself. I told Him that I was willing to do whatever He wanted me to do. I opened my mind to His answers and then accepted them by immediately acting on thoughts or impressions of what I should do.

These moments of guidance appeared at the most inconvenient times (such as when I was climbing into bed), and often only after I exhausted every known source that I could find on my own. But, when I followed them, I found that His visions for me opened up wider before my eyes. Over time, I learned that it is only when I fall back on my own resources that the edges of the dreams appear, and I begin to feel like I am pushing against a wall. When I fall back on my own resources, I forget to dream at all.

So, dare to dream. Dare to dream a bigger dream than you have for yourself. Dare to see the limitless dream that God has waiting for you.

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