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Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone for your sweet emails of concerns this past week. I really needed this week to regroup and to reground with my life. I've sat in the hot tub of all places and just let life take on a clearer perspective.

As I have talked about lately, I've needed to get clear. Stress has a way of giving me the desire to “take over” I have had a lot of conflict about what I think I want to do, and what I definitely shouldn't do. Which are really the same thing.

I found that in my reality it was really best for me, to step way out this past week. I went to the opposite extreme and kind of shut down. It was really good for me, in that I learned that the doesn't stop turning just because I stop trying to get things to go my way...What a marvelous perspective! In fact the more I stepped back, and sort of shut down the smoother things went. I found out the people really do the things they say they will, and when they say they would. Things this week have worked out, I'm not suggesting there aren't any bumps. The bumps have smoothed themselves out or at least I know they will.

I have so much gratitude for how blessed I am to be able to learn that it's alright, and even much better than I could have ever hoped to just back up and watch how beautifully the Lord orchestrates the masterpiece of my life.

Instead of shutting down from now on, I'm just going to back up and stay connected in my life. I'm going to strive to continue to turn my life over to the care of our Lord. I'm sure that times are going to get really hard, and I'm going to slip. It isn't a matter of slipping, it's a matter of not having a pitty party, and getting up and just keep on keeping on. 

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