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Monday, May 16, 2011


For my whole life I thought that talents were things that I didn't have, and couldn't develop. Singing for example, if I sing women gather up their children and take off running, and birds fall off their perches. It just isn't a pretty thing.

As I have come into recovery I have begun to recognize that talent doesn't always have to be a physical thing like singing. I can tell my story of recovery and I can do it the best I can. I can have compassion for other people going through similar struggles, and help life them up.

I can utilize my studies of the scriptures, so that when I talk with people I can refer them to scriptures that have lifted me up, and helped me endure hardships.
Sure I have the desire and I enjoy many physical talents, but I'm not perfected in any of them. I'm not perfected in telling my story nor having compassion for others, and that's alright. As I come through each day, I can do the best I can as I work to magnifying my talents in Christ.

As I look at the vision board this morning I see many beautiful colors gather around to remind me that my talents are not only for my growth, and enjoyment; they are also for me to share so that others can be invited to their own growth and have enjoyment in their life.

As I look back on my life before recovery I am reminded at how I used my life to make everyone around me miserable. Humbly, I have come to enjoy bringing peace and joy into the lives of others. I'm thankful that our Father in Heaven has blessed me with this gift.

What special talents do you have? How are you going to share them today?

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