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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank You!

I went into a juice store today for a drink. Yep, nothing to special. I noticed a small group of people in line before me. There was casual chatter, around me. The manager greeting me, and said he'd be right with me. I thanked him, and simply waited my turn. When it was my turn to order, I gave my order to the cashier. The manager came over, pulled out a appreciation punch card and punched it several times explaining that he was appologetic for my wait. I didn't feel like I had waited longer than I should have. I explained he didn't need to do that but I was thankful.

When my order came, the young man gave me a larger drink, saying it just made bigger than expected so he just uped my size. I thanked him, and left the store.

This was a special experience for me. I'm not used to such exceptional customer service. I have gone into this store several times, and always I receive good service, there was something really different about today's visit. I started to wonder if I “attracted” this kindness?

As I was driving home, the phone rang. On the other end of the phone was a man that I had left a voice message to call me back yesterday. I had been sort of surprised he hadn't called like his outgoing message said he would. I figured he must not really want my business.

Quickly, he introduced himself, and began to appologize for not calling me back. As he explained his reasons, I felt a sincereity radiating from him. It was a reason not an excuse and I knew that. His appology wasn't a sells gimic it was how he really felt. The call continued with him asking what my goals were for this transaction. That was so nice, this is a numbers game, and my goals don't effect the outcome to him. He was treating me like a person, a real person, with real feelings, asperations, and goals.

Twice in one day, in two very different situations, I was treated like a person. I felt so validated, and genuinely cared about. Now I'm really wondering if I have changed so much that this kindness, is being “attracted” to me, or if it is something more?

Thank you to these wonderful gentlemen for being willing to follow your sense of humanity and giving me such a special gift today...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

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