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Monday, May 16, 2011

I Did It Again

I did it again!!!! This wasn't such a good thing. I found myself falling into the old patterns. I was working with a special person today, and found myself making up their mind for them. I kept thinking, they are questioning me, they are douting me...On and on. I just could calm down enough to listen to my heart and allow myself to be guided by His love.
I really struggled, I finally was able to back myself up enough to come slightly back in balance and make it through the apointment. When we were finished, she said something that really put me in my place. She admitted to herself, and to me that what I had said was right. She said that sometimes we just don't think about things like that.
Like I said earlier in the week, we need to be honest with ourselves before we can be honest with others. At first, I took it personally and quickly doubted myself when she wasn't honest with herself.
I'm thankful for one thing. I am thankful that I didn't start critizing her for where she was in her life. I'm just said that I wasn't strong enough to trust in the Lord enough to feel safe with what I was promted to say.
Let me just say, that this family I have been blessed to meet and work with is totally amazing. They are so strong in their love and care for each other. Truely an inspring story of Christ love for one another. The Dad in this family is one of my angels that I talked about a while ago, and as I get to know him better I can see why Heavenly Father choose him to come and be my angel that day. There wouldn't have been anyone else more wonderful.
I am so thankful that my life has been blessed by these wonderful people. Maybe next time, I will be stronger.

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