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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Living My Truth (Day 1)

What does society consider makes a good person? We live in a world with a very vague definition of what makes a good person. Some say that if you are skilled at lying, stealing, treat others unjustly, lustful thoughts, or hatred towards others that you can appear as a good person. If others believe you are a good person that you must be...There are so many people in society, some positioned in power that want us to think they are good people. Even they know they are not good people.

In my neighborhood, and surely in your neighborhood there is someone who you and I likely think is a really good person. She is likely a Mom who's kids show up to the bus stop dawning the latest in fashion, carrying a home lunch in a crafty lunch sack. This person will spend her days serving lunch on the soup line, or in a woman's shelter being a friend to the battered women and children in town. In her spare time, this neighbor can be found blogging the latest inspirations as the sweet smell of homemade bread rises from her oven. Sunday morning, you will find her sitting on the front row in the chapel. Outwardly, her life seems flawless. Many of us look on these neighbors with envy, I know I do.

What really goes on in this neighbors life? Why does she put on this outward bravado? Is she living her truth? If I am living my truth would I be looking on her so envious?

I dare say that few of us live our truth in the outward world. Most of the time, we have struggles that we try to hide from friends, family, and co-workers. We always put our best face forward, saying “Sure, I would love to help...” when inside we are screaming for help ourselves. What would happen if we say “I'm sorry, not this time.”??? Our fear of rejection and ridicule would likely never let us find out.

How is living my truth outwardly possible? How do I build enough confidence to live my truth, in spite of the outside world? Over the course of the coming days, I'm going to discuss with you what works for me in living my truth.

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