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Thursday, October 13, 2011


There are several great people in my life. First, my Dad. Two years ago next Wednesday, my Dad passed on to the beautiful side of the veil. I've been considering what legacy has my Dad left to me, and what would he hope for me to teach my children.

My Dad, has a testimony of Christ, and it is far reaching even beyond the grave. My Dad didn't live his life here in the way society would have expected him too. I judged him harshly for that many times. Being torn between the exemplary life my Dad lead and the life society taught me was a struggle for me, and sometimes still is. I was wrong for judging him. He only wants to live his life according to his beliefs. Sure he would like me, and the rest of his family, to follow in that belief, wither I do or not doesn't give me the right to judge him for his life.

Over the past two years, my Dad has taken so many opportunities to be apart of my life and continues to teach me how he believes living a Christ-like life.

I also look at some of the other people in my life and the examples they live for me. There are some that are full of venom. Most of the time, I can stay out of it, although, sometimes I can be venomous too. Also, there are completely angelic people, that draw me in to them.

It is such a great blessing that there are so many different types of people in my life. I have also been blessed to be able to see these types of things in people with more vibrancy lately. I'm so thankful for this gift, because it is helping me develop the people that I truly am.

I'm sure like you to there are lots of different types that make up who you are. I guess it all depends on which parts we foster that grows stronger and becomes dominate in who we are.

As I spend time meditating on who I really am. What is my purpose in life? It is such a great blessing to have all these wonderful people around me and to be able to observe them. I like to consider everything about a person, and try to understand what is important to them. Thanks to everyone for their examples.

Just so you know, I love you Dad.

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