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Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Birth...

Although, we are still knee deep in snow and cold where I live; this new birth of Spring is starting to peak through the snow drifts. Yesterday afternoon we welcomed our first new baby goat of the season. 
I'm glad to say that both Momma and baby are doing great. 
Spending the majority of the past 24 hours sitting in a straw bed in our Goat Hut, has given me a lot of time to think about my life. What a sweet little momma this baby has. Even though she is just a first time momma she is kind and love, and oh is she ever protective. How is it, that momma's have that natural instinct to be there, and be everything for their little babies?

A huge difference, is this goat momma, was lovingly encouraging to her baby to eat, to stand, to talk a step or two; to survive. Meanwhile, I've spent so many years doing what is opposite of this instinct, but for the same reasons as this momma goat. I love my children, I want them to be strong, and successful. I now believe there is something very powerful to following your mother's instinct. 

How does Christ, teach us through our natural instincts?

In the talk; “Called to Serve”, Neal A. Maxwell, Brigham Young University on 27 March 1994.
“In the revelations the Lord speaks of how the voice of his spirit will be felt in our minds. For me, the message is not a whole discourse, but a phrase or a sentence. The Lord says also if we read his words, meaning the scriptures, we will hear his voice. Many here have had private moments of pondering and reading the scriptures when the words "come through" in a clear, clarion way. We know Who it is speaking to us! We've all had the experience of going over a scripture many times without having it register. Then, all of a sudden, we're ready to receive it! We hear the voice of the Lord through his words.
So it is in the process of discipleship. There are more meaningful moments than we use profitably, just as in terms of Christian service there are more opportunities around us than we now use. God is ever ready, if only we were always ready.

With the budding spring on the horizon, I know that my new life is budding as well. For me, I know that I must listen intently, search profoundly, and follow my natural instinct with pure love. 

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