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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cowboy Caviar

This morning I am going to offer you one of my most popular recipes...First how does a recipe contribute to my recovery? When I am in my addiction, I don't create, I don't love. I just sit in my misery. This recipe for Cowboy Caviar, is special because it is meant to be shared...When I'm in my addiction, I don't share! 

For anyone reading this, I challenge you to make Cowboy Caviar this weekend, when you do realize you are creating...creating opportunities to share, and to love. Enjoy!

I am finding that the more I am willing to share my life and my love with others willingly the more I can withstand the temptations of my weaknesses. 

I actually, have taken more time to spend in the kitchen. On Sunday morning I made eight meals for my family and stored them in the freezer. I'm so excited to use them. But I also love them in the freezer, and I'm way hesitant to use them. Obviously, that's another post...LOL

So I hope you are off to make your own sharing bowl of Cowboy Caviar...Let me know what amazing experiences you have when you serve it.

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