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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What If

The following quotes came to me today, through an ARP newsletter I belong to. What perfect timing! As you have been reading my life is currently in a test mode to see how I can work my program, and turn to the Lord.

My life has been filled with What if...If only...Please God change this...As I sit here this morning, in a situation that I would much rather were very different for both myself and my family. I am so tempted to wish for things to be different. To ask God if there were another way. I can spill out a mile long list of justifications of why He should change things.

The words for this blog post roll through my mind, as I was starting the fire. My heart was impressed by the fact that these desires in my heart are selfish!!! How humbling a realization like this is. 

Somewhere in my interview in heaven I was asked to take on this situation, and to make the necessary sacrifices that are sure to come for myself and my family. I agreed to this, and so did my family. With the use of my free agency, I agreed to take this journey. To be a light of Christ, to the heart and souls of those who are coming that are in His need. I agreed that for Him I would love, care, and sacrifice all that I have and all that I might be given to invite these children that are coming into our home, and to do all things which point to Him our Lord and Master.

As you read this quote, I urge you to ponder your selfishness, and your love for Christ, and your willingness to turn your life over to him...

What if’s
I have come to understand how useless it is to dwell on the whys, what ifs, and if onlys for which there likely will be given no answers in mortality. To receive the Lord’s comfort, we must exercise faith. The questions Why me? Why our family? Why now? are usually unanswerable questions. These questions detract from our spirituality and can destroy our faith. We need to spend our time and energy building our faith by turning to the Lord and asking for strength to overcome the pains and trials of this world and to endure to the end for greater understanding.
Robert D. Hales, “Healing Soul and Body,” Ensign, Nov 1998, 14

“Promptings often come in short, crisp phrases, impressing upon us a certain duty. They come in other ways to each of us. We know what's happening to us, but we don't know all the implications of it. But God knows. It's a sacred process.
“Called to Serve”, Neal A. Maxwell, Brigham Young University on 27 March 1994

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