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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


My soul searches for feelings, familiar feelings. Within the absence of fear and anxiety, there is a new fear, a searching fear wondering where did the old familiar fear go? There is safety in that ugly fear.
Off in the distance, there is a peace. The kind of peace that sits softly in the shadows waiting for the clouds of doubt to disburse. A vague sense of familiarity hangs over this new found peace, definitely not familiar enough to let in, not just yet.
An uneasy conflict creeps out of the darkness, and raises its sword. A hush rolls over the ground; victory starts to swell in the heart of the fear as it knows it will conquer again. Foot soldiers come into view, doubt, questioning, reasoning, and overthinking stand waiting weapons drawn, searching for a crack in my armor.  
Knowing all has been done, powerless, standing faithfully waiting command as peace softly and slowly wraps its self protectively around my soul.
The conflict still rages, the soldiers still searching for a way in. Prayers go up, that I might be justified, and sanctified.

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