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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Old Thinking Patterns

My hubby and I are dissolving a working relationship with someone. There are some financial issues that still need to be finalized. Last year, there was an agreement as to how we would handle this financial situation. Now because of the dissolution of this relationship, I had become quit concerned about this outstanding financial issue.

In my concern, old thinking patterns have arose. Not a surprise, is it? This person hasn't fulfilled any of their obligations to this point, and I have no reason to believe that they will fulfill this one either. Out of my fear of loss, and my need for everything to be done "my way," my mind started racing with demands, and hurling insults.

Last night, as the conversation again confronted this financial issue, my mind started whirling with that same fear based demands. A new feeling became obvious in the mix of the old thinking and feeling patterns. What was this feeling? It was holding me back, in every second the feeling gained power, gained peace. The feeling was void of the fight, simply void of the fight.

Alright, so what if this financial issue doesn't get resolved the way I want it to? What choices does it leave me with? In circular fashion, begs the eternal question, "What do I have to lose?"

At this moment, God is granting me serenity, to know that I shouldn't be so demanding, and that I currently have unrealistic expectations. I can not change this, and secretly He promts, I might not want to. In this moment, I've been blessed with wisdom. I have the faith to know, that the Lord is mindful of me and my needs in ways I can't comprehend. 

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May Angels Walk With You

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