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Monday, January 28, 2013


I don't know about you, but I find it insanely crazy to set priorities. I want to do everything, and I want it done NOW! It's just that simple.

Currently, I have a pile of recipes strewn all over my desk. I have taken on the task to weed out the ones I don't really use, and organize the rest. I have also decided to make a digital recipe collection in Photoshop CS5. Which means, I'm creating all the recipe cards, and creating the recipe on each one of them. Like the example of the picture below. 

I also Digital Scrapbook for my family, and for clients...I have several projects that I'm working on. Here's one of my favorites.

I also have a wood project, I'm working on for my daughter's birthday, (which was last week), still unfinished on the kitchen table.

It looks like this...
...but it is supposed to look like this. 
(and it will when it's finished)

Four days ago, I adopted an Orphaned Piglet...He has taken more work than any of my little babies combined...He's a little cutie, and he's impossible to resist. 
Yep, you guessed it, he's in the house. He is 1 of 11 born in his litter, but the first night they all froze to death except for this little guy. Then his mother rejected him. 

I also have all the regular family obligations, cooking, cleaning, playing, studying. Did I mention I'm writing two books. They started as one, but somewhere in the middle made a division. Last, but not least it's tax season. Yeah!

Alright,  just like my usual style, I have way to many irons in the fire. It's a huge part of my co-dependent nature. I find myself here on a regular basis, I'd think I'd learn my limitations, but I don't. Somewhere inside, I have a deep "love" for jumping in with both feet. 

Some days, I love my life, and all the irons in the fire. Some days, like today when I've sleep deprived, I find that I've taken on to much and that my life is unmanageable as I am living it. There are days when I have to set back and truthfully, and honestly evaluate, what I can control, what is important and where some of the "crazy" snuck  back into my life. 


  1. I feel like you are singing my song! I want to do everything NOW as well and find myself overwhelmed often because of it. It's so hard to pick the one or two things that really should top the list and get those done, and then move down the list. All your projects sounds wonderful, though!

  2. I think it's super neat, when someone you don't even know share (in there own way) the same struggles and trials. It strengthens my testimony, to think the Lord hasn't left me alone. Thank you so much Amy for your comments.