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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be Prepared....

I know that I have focused this blog on not being preachy, but just telling you what works for me. In this moment an undeniable sense of being preachy has come into my heart, so here it goes. Hang on, this might get bumpy, just know that I love you and I believe what I am saying.

"Keep your mind on the hereafter, or you will forget what you are hereafter." unknown.
It is so easy to get sucked into the day to day craziness. It is almost somewhat natural to think, feel, or believe that if we can keep up with the craziness that we are successful. 

Please know that no matter how caught up in this craziness of life, your heart can and will talk to you. If you are willing to slow down sometimes, you will need to slow down to a crawl you will be able to hear your heart invite you to do the right thing. 

I promise you the truth is in your heart and will never lead you down the wrong path. What a wonderful blessing it is to have the loving desire to help people in our lives. I am here to tell you that the way most of us have been taught to help others is WRONG! We are a culture of people that enable others, and expect to be enabled ourselves. 

I have learned through my codependent recovery that my truth is always in my heart. It always has been although, I have silenced it for the trade off of helping others in ways that actually harm them. Why do I act this way? Why do you? I found for me I act this way, in order to get people to love me, notice me, appreciate me...Selfish uh? 

I have learned through the wonderful friends, who are angels, in my life sent by my loving Heavenly Father to sustain me in my hardships and to teach me how to love, through being less selfish. Wow, what a wonderful way for the Lord to teach me. These friends are all really my brothers and sisters in Christ. I have a beautiful family, that I love to serve and I love how they serve me in my needs.   

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