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Friday, January 13, 2012


The truth is the truth even if only you and God know…. When we confess our sins to others, but only the portion that has been revealed, enough to get us out of hot water and enough to make us look forthright, is that really the “truth”? The truth is the truth, even though we confess we have taken four cookies to those in the flesh, God and you know it was actually six. This isn’t about your truth this is about Gods truth.

The truth is the truth even if only you and God know….

There is a truth in all situations and the truth works sometimes for you and sometimes against your wishes. The truth is Gods wish. You have choices; whether it is to tell the truth, admit the truth or live by the truth, you have choices. No, I didn’t say the truth was easy, no I didn’t say the truth came out in every situation, and no I didn’t say that we could expect the truth from others. What I am saying is that there is always a truth; it may affect us good or bad. Sometimes you may be the only one who knows the truth but God always knows the truth, the whole truth, even when you don’t. God knows it was really six cookies.

You choose how you are going to live; you choose how you are going to confess, you choose how much of the truth you reveal. You choose what to teach your children, you choose how much you’re going to tell your spouse.

Choose the truth, the whole truth…God “knows” the Truth!

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