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Friday, January 6, 2012


Here is a short summary of a dream I had the other night. What do you think it means???? 

There is a small seemingly one room wood sided house, with white paint mostly chipped off sitting on a lot not much bigger than the house. In front of the house there is a huge tree, with thousands of leaves in full blossom. There might be sparse grass under all the junk on the ground in front of the house. In the driveway there are several junk cars, probably not running. I approach from the west I believe there are three large men in colored business shirts standing on the edge of the driveway looking through some papers. I quickly realize they are looking through a used book of yellow carbon copy of temple recommends. I assume they picked up the book from the ground in front of them. I run into the house. I am in an old kitchen. The house is really clean. I turn and run back out and up the street. The men jump into a car and chase me. The house is on the bottom edge of a very large open gorge. I run across the bottom and up the road on the west side of the gorge. As the men chase me up this one lane dirt road, I am suddenly told to run off the road into the gorge. Without question I do. Not surprisingly I am standing in the air over the gorge. The men’s car crashes down the rocky side of the gorge. I noticed for a moment what seems like the first time. There are several cars down there. I realize I have done this several times. I turn and run back toward the house (across the air of the gorge.) I am told from somewhere “At all cost, protect the family secret” I agree back to where the direction comes from. I remember thinking it would have been easier to fly and not run.

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