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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Remove Your Burdens

Remove Your Burdens-Ro Paxman
You just can't begin to imagine how this cartoon hit home for me. I struggle to a large degree with headaches as you are all well aware by now. The depression that comes from being in pain both physically, mentally, and emotionally is overwhelming. If letting go...and...letting God is as simple as removing a heavy coat, why is it so hard for me to do?

I have started to write again, and as I develop the important points of where I came from and my perception of what my childhood was. I find myself overly cautious of the possible readership of my writing. What if so-n-so reads this. They will be hurt, mad, and likely in firm disagreement. Do I tell them it is fiction? Do I tell them this is how I remember life, and risk validating their feelings? 

Some of the heaviest burdens I feel is from my own wild and crazy rantings. Now that is something that I can work on. It is something I can let go...and...let God. My imagination is a crazy place full of wonderment and torment all at the same time. Go figure.

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