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Friday, December 23, 2011

Top 8 Things To A Better Life

  1. Faith in Christ and His Atoning Sacrifice-With everything I do and everything I am it is a moment to moment journey to have Faith and allow Christ to guide my path back home.

  2. Live Your Truth-It is so easy to be sucked into the worldly life. All I have to do is, watch T.V., read a magazine, envy the latest fashions everyone around me is wearing. To live with personal integrity can seem difficult. To even figure out what my personal integrity is even more difficult. I took some time in the past couple months and really searched from the basics to the depth of who I am and how I want to reflect Christ-like love in my life.

  3. Family- Through my healing I have been blessed with a loving and patient family to love and help me. I very special love has blossomed and bloomed in my heart towards my family. A gift of letting go, comes the gift of a new love. I have always loved my family, but in my weaknesses. I am being made strong with the gift of a new love.

  4. Just Say No- In the idea of letting go. I am learning that saying no, can be one of the kindest and most loving word in the English language. I challenge you to find out what that means for you. I am still learning what a blessing this can be for the people I love and for myself....

  5. Friendship- For me it has been a critical part of my healing to develop close and bonded friendships with people that might eventually hurt me. My list of friends is still rather small, but that's ok. I'm still learning how to nourish these friendships in a loving and appropriate way.

  6. Simplicity- Money and spending money doesn't buy happiness. Time, buys more happiness than anything else in this life. Reflecting on the memories made in times of joy and sorrow is what brings us closer to our loved ones and to our Heavenly Father's plan. One of the most simplest things I love is sitting at the kitchen table first thing in the morning and watching out the window. It almost seems like I could see the leaves on the tress change to their beautiful fall colors. As the geese flew south for the winter in their instinctive V, is most precious.

  7. Creativity- I recently discovered that I am creative. Wow, who would have known. I have always “copied” everyone else's creativity. As I was in the mist of just such a thing, I was lead another direction and when I was finished I couldn't recognize the original thing I set out to copy. I created all on my own...I loved it. Creativity will become part of living my truth.

  8. Have Vision- I created a “vision board” several years ago, just because I heard it worked miracles...LOL I didn't have to much heart in it, but still. And step by step everything came to be. I sat looking at my vision board and realized that everything on my board had come to be realized. I decided to create a new vision board. It took weeks to search for the items on wanted on my board. Most all of the items weren't tangible like they had been on my previous board. It was hard for others to understand my board, to me it was perfectly clear. As I have developed more and more vision on my board I have in my life as well. I challenge you to find your vision as well.

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