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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Creativity...what is it? As you are likely well aware of, I LOVE to scrapbook. I especially love looking at other people's beautiful works of art in their scrapbook pages. Although, I've always loved to scrapbook and preserve memories there is something missing in my creativity. Sure there is a creative evolution in my scrapbook pages from plain simple paper pages to now creating digital pages. Evolution isn't what's missing in my scrapbooking. Somewhat, evolution is part of the problem, fear. Fear is the driving factor of what is missing in my scrapbooking process.

I have been holding back because of my fear. In the past I've created amazing scrapbook pages, they are completely copied from someone else's pages, or they are templates. I've been afraid to express my creativity to the point I didn't even know what it was. How crazy does this sound?

Recently, I've opened up and found a new creative side. I think that writing this blog has had a lot to do with that. This blog is similar to a food journal...I hold myself accountable here. I have to be honest. No I don't write or at least publish everything I think. I believe somethings are still personal.

I downloaded some new templates a few days ago. I started working on a template, and suddenly saw a creation much different from the template. There were some things I still liked about the template, but ideas started to just flow. When the page was finished the original template was unrecognizable. I was and still am so excited! Somehow, by some miracle I have been set free. The fear to express myself is gone, and a whole new me has blossomed. Sure I will still lean on other people's ideas. There is no sense or need to recreate the wheel. But I will freely allow what inspires me to show it's self through not just my scrapbook pages, but also through how I live my life. What inspires you?
This is MY Scrapbook page...I hope you love it as much as I do.

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