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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Stree

I know that December can be hyper stressful, at least it can be for me. I've been thinking...How can I lower my holiday stress level?

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on getting a new furnace. Since I live in a rural area, services life furnace’s can be very hectic and time consuming. Keeping my family warm in the winter here is highly important to me. I felt a push from within to get the new furnace installed. Instead, I choose to step back, and allow the flow of this process. I'm so excited that I did, because....

Everything is working out perfectly. Hoot Hoot, I'm so thankful that I can finally flow with the flow of life. I aint sayin' that I don't want what I want and want it now. Yep, that was meant to be confusing, because when I'm in that place it is confusing.

I am learning that it is great to want, it helps give me direction and of course forward motion. Within that want, freedom is found in giving into the natural flow. Things tend to blossom beyond my wants within this freedom.

I also want to comment on how wonderful people are. When I'm willing to follow the flow, people respond more willingly, kindly, and fast. I'm not saying that it's alright to pretend to go with the flow with a motive to get people to respond the way I want. It isn't...Sincerity is key.

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