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Monday, March 4, 2013

Restless Mind Syndrome

Over the weekend I have found my mind, whirling. I have even caught a few sleepless nights, with what I call "Restless Mind Syndrome."

I'm not even sure how to put into words, what I'm going through. It is definitely a struggle between my 'good' angel on one shoulder and the 'evil' angel on the other.  I feel a pull towards something, and I desire to follow that pull. My problem is I don't know what I'm being pulled towards.

I have a strong desire to do certain things, which aren't really relevant to talk about here. They aren't relevant because your walk is different than mine. You need to follow your sense, and I need to follow mine. That's just the point. Following a sense, seems to be rather simple, at least most of the time. 

My sense is vague, and is requiring faith. It's like I'm only given a small, small sense at a time. It isn't a sense that is making me feel anxiousness, or desirous  to know more. Somehow, I know, I really know, that I am being given a piece at a time, and all I need to do, is this one little doable piece. There is peace in the pieces....
Everyday, all day, I have a sense to do something, and I just do it. Pretty simple. So totally, out of my character flaws, so out of my co-dependent mindset. Meanwhile, my mind is stuck in high creative, Restless Mind Syndrome. 

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