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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Perspectives....

I'm officially back...I have a lot to talk about. Living life is much different than talking about it. Living thinking sober is actually rather difficult. Living and letting live, is still challenging for me. So much has happened this summer in my relationships with other people.

First, as you are likely aware I spent most of my summer taking pictures of kids ages 0-16 as they participated in the IJRA rodeo season. I learned so much about life from these kids. I learned how little I actually saw life, or other people. I walked though life with blinders on towards anything outside my blinders. The young people and their families are simply amazing. The work so hard at being the best they can be. My personal belief is also that the horses involved take such great care of these young people, to keep them safe, and to teach them. Watching these kids grow through the view finder of my camera gave me a new perspective on living, having courage, dedication, and hope. I learned what defeat looks like on the face of a child, in it's realness. The life of a child has a sense of authenticity to it, that isn't common in adults, at least not this adult.

I owe it to myself to take these lessons from the kids, and integrate, all be it poorly sometimes, to be more authentic in my life. I spend a lot of time considering what it is I really like, feel, and believe. For the next several post, I'm going to talk about how I am becoming more authentic and the lessons I am learning from it. I would love to hear your life lessons too....

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